Mohican River Kennel is the home of some wonderful Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. We currently have 2 chessies and a litter of puppies.

Mohican River Kennel began when Chuck moved to the Mohican River. He had coon dogs, and needed to teach his coon dogs to cross the Mohican River. When he researched dogs, he realized Chesapeake Bay Retrievers would be a great choice. His first chessie was Chelsey, who joined him in 1989. She taught his coon dogs how to cross the river, but she did so much more. Chelsey would pull people out of the river if they were pretending to drown, and she became a great companion.

Becky joined the family in 1993, and Chelsey did accept her into the household. A few years later, we lost Chelsey, and realized our home was empty without a chessie. Chase soon joined us, and she and Chuck spent a lot of time duck and goose hunting.

Over time, Mohican River Kennel has had quite a few chessies. Some have been show dogs, all have hunted, and all have been our companions. We have a litter of puppies once every 2 to three years. We do not have puppies to make money. Instead we have puppies because we love the dogs and because we tend to have people asking for our dogs.